Palma Classic Car Cruise 15 February 2015

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The sun shone on what was to be one of the biggest Classic Car parades ever organized in Mallorca. Cars started to congregate at 9am and all the approaches to the Son Moix football stadium were packed with a continuous line of Classic cars from every era and virtually every manufacturer!

By 10am over 300 cars were parked in orderly rows, some by make/model, others by the manufacturer’s nationality and the remainder by Clubs or Organizations. It was a tremendous spectacle to behold!

Also we must not forget, the involvement of Motor bikes, Scooters and three wheelers!

From our club we had over 25 cars.

Soon after 10am the first cars left the compound and then a continuous procession of cars filed out of the Stadium which took in excess of an hour to complete!

The majority of the route through Palma was controlled by the local police, so there was no stopping at junctions or traffic lights! All the streets were lined with envious on-lookers, so there was much waving and cheering at the spectacle that passed before them!

The cars’ ultimate destination for the static display was along Jaime, the Born and the Ramblas, however this is where the problems started to occur. Many cars were stuck in long jams trying to reach a parking area and, unfortunately due to the cars getting very hot, many drivers aborted the final stage.

However, as you will see from the link above, the streets were packed with pedestrians, drivers and cars, a truly unique spectacle which has never been seen before.

In summary, it is a shame that the authorities under-estimated the attendance by all the Classic Car owners, but hopefully, if the event is staged again next year, they will have learnt from this experience and realize the tremendous benefits the “Classics” can bring to this Island!

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