Market Towns of Mallorca Rally and the 2013 AGM – 30 March 2014

Unusually for Mallorca, we had a dull wet Sunday but 17 cars and 37 intrepid classic car enthusiast were determined that a little dampness would not affect the spirit (wine) of the occasion.

The rally was a bit of a religious experience and required members to identify some market towns by 6 figure map references, visit them and identify which church (photograph supplied) belonged to which market town.  To add an element of excitement arrival at our destination restaurant after 1.30pm would mean penalty points and possibly no lunch.

Three competitors completed the route in time and identified the churches to the correct locations.  This resulted in a tie breaker being required. 1st place Eric & Trudy Murray, 2nd place, Chris & Shaun Blunt, 3rd place Peter Dinsing and navigator. The winners had no difficulty in negotiating the tables and collecting some prizes in the shape of Mallorca wine from the Presidents wife Jackie Roach.

The AGM for 2013 took place before lunch and minutes will be sent out separately.

The Chairman Peter Roach congratulated the Secretary Ray Dodd on the increase of members and thanked the new Committee Members Pam Gardner, Nick Tringham and Jean Pierre Alleman for their support.

The Treasurer Richard Wills reported that in spite of the costs of the new internet site, funds were satisfactory and he thanked the chairman and his wife Jackie for their support.  He also thanked Ray Dodd and Sue on their contribution to a splendid year for the club.

Ray Dodd the Secretary said that it had been a very successful year with the weekly Wednesday meeting and the rally/events being well attended and thanked all the members for their whole hearted support.

The lunch buffet, drinks, wine and coffee was excellent and the classic cars members left to navigate home at about 5pm.

Peter and Jackie Roach

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