Sunset Car Show 25 June 2017

Once again our annual event at “The Cura” at the top of the Puig De Randa took place amidst a beautiful setting on a warm summers evening.

14 cars to part in the display and the intense judging took place from 7pm. A fine selection of Tapas and Hors D’oeuvres were served, followed by roasted lamb, suckling pig & salmon!

Drinks were served throughout the evening and after all the judging forms were collected the winner and placings were announced.

In 1st place was my own Aston Martin DB7 but unfortunately as it was only 22 years old it could not qualify as a classic car! So the revised placings were as follows:

1st Gordon Cox in his Lotus Elan, 232 points,

2nd: New member, Simon Andrew in his TR6 221 points

3rd: Pam Gardner & Stan in their AC Cobra 216 points,

4th Roger & Jane, in their  E Type Jaguar 215 points,

5th Ray & Sue, in their Camero Z28 214 points, 6th Peter & Karin in their Burton 206 points.

A great evening was had by all who attended, but, and this is always very unfortunate, 4 members who had reserved places failed to show or give notification that they would not be in attendance. This leads the Club into making a loss, which nobody wants. Enough said, point made!

So, with the sun setting and holding a chilled glass of wine, it was a great end to a meeting, held at one of the most picturesque viewpoints on the Island!

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