Sunset in Style 26 July 2015

As the heat of the day was diminishing, 46 members and guests congregated at  Festival Park for what was to be the start of a  memorable evening of great fun, wonderful views, excellent cuisine, and of course great company!

Chilled Cava was served as members were arriving and after the refreshments, a slow drive was taken to the Puig De Santa Magdalena, Panoramic Restaurant.

As we climbed the winding roads up to the summit, the sun was in it’s descent, which accentuated the wonderful views to the north and west of the Island.

A superb 3 course meal was served by Pedro and his team, culminating in desserts being served as the sun slipped out of sight behind the Tramuntana mountains! A wonderful spectacle of nature at its best!

The theme of the outing, was to dress in the style of your car and the result was a fantastic display by members of their artistic flair.

The judging was very difficult as everyone had made a fine effort, but it was decided to award two 2nd place positions.They  went to last year’s winners Elmar & Irene Buschmann and Paco and Almundina. The overall winner was Madeline Mettegang driving her beautiful Ford Thunderbird.

In closing, it was a great evening which I’m sure was enjoyed by all and one which will be remembered with great memories.

Just a reminder that our next outing will be our Tapas and Car Show evening at the Cura, Randa on the 30th August, details to follow.

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