The Last Straw Rally 29 November 2015

We started at the Club de Vela in Port Andratx and at 10.30 twenty four classic cars congregated inside the club in readiness for ‘the off’. Signing in and all paperwork complete, cars started to leave the club, on time, at 11.00.

There were six points to visit, each with a jar full of straws of varying lengths. The object being to get to these points first and to take the longest straw available.

We were blessed with the very best of Mallorcan November weather, convertible drivers and passengers all had the hoods down and sunglasses were definitely needed.

The points were situated between s’Arraco and Puigpunyent with the final stop being Mood Beach Restaurant at Puerto Portals.

The first competitors started to arrive at Mood at about 1pm with (almost) the last arriving at 1.30pm. Georg, having suffered fuel problems on his MG finally made it at 3pm.

An excellent lunch was served by the staff at Mood Beach at 2pm in the restaurant overlooking Palma Bay.

On their arrival at Mood Beach, competitors had their straws measured by Trudi and the winners emerged……

In first place were Chris and Sian Blunt, E Type Jaguar

In 2nd place were Eric Woolger and his navigator.

In 3rd place were Richard and Jenny Wills in their Citroen Lt15

Finally many thanks to Pedro Alomar of Cafe Atlantico for donating the First Prize

Eric and Trudi Murray

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