Triathlon Rally 2 November 2014

The day started at Festival Park where 25 cars arrived for the morning coffee reception and to be briefed by Arthur Richards on the fundamentals of the Triathlon Rally.

The rally consisted of three sections, the first was using a tracing to discover the route which should be taken, the second was navigation using the Tulip system and the final section was the devilish Herringbone routing!

The route took us on smaller country roads, going through the North Eastern parts of Mallorca and each section had clues which needed to be answered.

However, the rally was also marked on the total mileage for each section which proved fundamental when marking the members rally sheets.

The overall winner with 135 points was Chris & Shan Blunt driving their series 1 Jaguar E Type FHC.

An excellent three course lunch was held at Es Reco De Randa, where there were many stories being told telling of the trials and tribulations of the outing.

Organizing a rally such as this, takes a lot of time and effort and so on behalf of the committee and those members who attended, I would like to say a very big thank you to Arthur & Dee for giving up their free time to plan and arrange this event!

Ray Dodd







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