¨GO LOCAL RUN¨ 29 April 2018

The ‘Go Local’ Run

By Robert Klevenhagen


This year I seem to have started my pieces on all four Classic Car Runs in exactly the same way. It goes… Bad weather forecast. Rain in the morning. A good turnout. Sun in the afternoon…. Great day!

Sunday was no different, but whilst the forecasts stay the same, the turnouts and the events get better and better. Even the weather cooperated and only managed to produce a few drops of rain which was soon blown aside to reveal a glorious afternoon.

Helen Pitt and Lou Sutton organised a fabulous run through the central part of the island. We visited Marratxinet, Sencelles, Portol, Sa Canteta, Sta Eugenia and Sineu to name but a few. We paused for a blind tasting of Mallorcan beers at the biggest Talayot in Mallorca which dates back to the second century BC. Not the beer, the Talayot.

After tracking down 21 clues along the route and picking up a tie breaker bottle top hidden in the woods we finished the run at the recently opened Lume & Co. restaurant in Genova. The restaurant passed the test superbly with a lovely three course lunch.

Now we come to the embarrassing part, the winners were myself and Jane, my better half and navigator in her Mercedes SL. After writing about so many events I guess we had to win one sometime, actually it was all skill! Second were Pedro and Anne Alomar in their Saab and third were Fergus and Summer Ross in an MGA.

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