AGM & Springtime Rally 30 April 2017

Unusually for Mallorca, the weather as we started our event, was overcast. But the turnout of 38 members, friends and co-pilots was welcomed by the now traditional coffee and croissants organised by our Secretary Ray Dodd and his wife Sue.

The road book was issued by Peter and Jackie Roach the organisers, who informed the members that it would be all about identifying the photographs within the road book to the correct locations. It was mentioned that there were 3 railway stations to be found and it might be challenging, which it was !

The total route was some 92.9 Ks and that Mr Google had estimated a drive time of 1hr 40 mins. The members set off between 11.00 and 11.30 am and had to be at the final clue (restaurant near the Port of Pollensa) by 2.15pm for the AGM and lunch.

The AGM was held before lunch, all the points on the agenda were addressed and Nick Scantlebury was proposed and elected as a new committee member.

It is pleasing to report that all the members had arrived before 2.15 and that the majority had identified all of the locations correctly. The secretary and the organiser decided under the circumstances, that a draw would be appropriate to decide the winner:

1st​ Paco Jiminez
2nd ​Gerd Ripkin
3rd ​Stefan Pietzsch​

The event ended at 4.30 and we all enjoyed a drive home in the afternoon sun.

Peter Roach


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