Almond Blossom 27 January 2019

Yet again Jean Pierre Allemann delivered a rally to be proud of.

It was a cold January morning with high winds forecast for later on in the day but this didn’t stop 25 of our enthusiastic members from wrapping up warm and facing the elements. We met at Els Calderers in St. Joan, many of us in open topped cars. The fitting backdrop of this historical country house museum worked well with our equally historic cars.
Over coffee, Jean Pierre handed out our driving instructions, including a car logo quiz to keep our brains working. By now the sun had risen and was giving us comforting warmth.
In search of almond blossom, we headed in the direction of Manacor from where we went off the track onto the beautiful side roads of north east Mallorca. From Arta we headed south towards Son Severa and Son Carrio. We witnessed some of the destruction of the big storms of last year. Thankfully repairs were well underway.
After a 2 hr drive, we finally arrived at Golf Val D’Or for lunch.  The winners in joint first were Paddy Pigden and Pedro Alomar who correctly identified the most number of car logos.

An excellent run with friends followed by an excellent lunch in the sunshine. This is why we live here and what life is about!

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