Buena Vista Run 31 March 2019

Many thanks to Helen Pitt and Eric Woolger for organising a terrific run out last weekend.

The weather which threatened to wash us away, thankfully didn’t actually materialise and fortunately there were enough classics with good fitting roofs to take part and compete in the challenge.

We met just south of the Soller tunnel in the car park of Jardins Alfabia. After a welcoming coffee and pastry, Helen and Eric sent us off through the tunnel with instructions in hand.

This fairly easy route took us through Soller, Deia and Banyalbufar on the winding coastal road. Along the route, we were asked a few questions and told to identify the scenery from the pictures provided.

Lunch was served at CCA Andraxt ( centre of contemporary art), where gentle music performed by Rafa Ferra accompanied a fabulous three course feast. This new restaurant is a collaboration of Kevin from Fosh catering and Jeff  Harter (www.solchefs.com  )

It will certainly be revisited again by our members soon.

After lunch, the hotly contested prizes were awarded. In third place was Pedro and Anne Allomar. Second was Nick Scantelbury and his son Charlie, and after a bit of bartering, the final winners were George and Jan in the MGA roadster.

Many thanks for the photos taken by Peo Stenberg

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