Central Mallorcan Tour 28 October 2018

Well the weather was certainly not going to stop this group of car enthusiasts!
The first of our winter events took place on Sunday 28th October. The weather all week had been biblical with rivers of rain soaking the island. However, someone has used up most of their brownie points, as half an hour before the start, at Festival Park, the rain abated and allowed us to set off on our tour of the central region of Mallorca. Miraculously it stayed away for a further 4 hours, which allowed us to complete our journey to Reco de Randa safely.

We were lead via a tulip road book through Santa Maria, Alaro, Lloseta, Inca, Sencelles, Sineu. Along the route the participants were asked to look out for the pictured sign posts. The organizers, Pam and Stan,  had cunningly deleted some part of the sign in the picture. All we had to do was fill in the gaps!

A total of 17 points were available of which only Chris and Shan Blunt managed to score  maximum. Unfortunately they were not in their classic car, so they were automatically disqualified. It was Gordon Cox and his co-pilot Graham who managed to score 16 points in his Lotus Elan who took first prize. A number of other drivers scored  15 points but only those in classics were eligible to compete. After 2 nail biting decider tie break questions, the runners up in second place were Michael and Sabine Lobecke. Third place went to new members Andrew and Ann Dyckoff. Well done!

Many thanks again to the staff of Reco de Randa who looked after us all very well.


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