Mega Summer Car Show 22 August 2018

A Very Chilled Evening

I’m sure you’ve all been to them, the big car shows. They can be frenetic, everybody has something to show, say or do. That’s not how we do things at the annual Mega Car Show here in Mallorca on a sunny August evening with a bunch of fellow petrolheads. Balmy is how it was last week, chilled and very relaxed.

With a great turnout and surrounded by dozens of seriously cool classics, this was the scene at The Boat House last Wednesday. If you weren’t there, you missed some very nice cars, lots of really friendly people, delicious food, cooling drinks and best of all, a great atmosphere. All focused mid evening on one minute of engine revs in tribute to the late Russell Stevens, lots of noise in his memory.

There were loads of English sports cars, it seems they represented the essence of what people visualise as the archetypal ‘classic car’. Think Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Morgan, Lotus, Rolls-Royce, Austin Healey, Land Rover and Mini, they all spring to mind before their European and American cousins. And there are so many makes of British classics, the ones I’ve listed are only the really obvious ones.

Of course no car show is complete without the Ferraris, Corvettes, Alfas, Porsches, Mercedes, Mustangs, Audi Quattro and exotica like the Tatra or bright yellow Optima. Not to mention a tasty selection including a baby Fiat, Renault Caravelle and Dauphine, Peugeot GTI and 504 Cabrio and loads more.

Those of you with eagle eyes may spot a contemporary white VW transporter right slap bang in the middle of our car display. It had been parked there for two days and defied all efforts at clearing the parking area, luckily it was reasonably presentable. We’ll do this show again next year and hope it isn’t still there. But hope you will be!

Organised by Robert and Jane Klevenhagen

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