Sombreros y Coches at The Boat House – Wednesday 7 August 2019

The Classic Car Club hosted an evening with hats. The couture hats of Palma Hat Week to be precise. Cool fashion hats met cool cars. In the photos you’ll see that hats and cars go rather well together.

There’s some synergy between a cool convertible classic sports car and a cool girl in a cool hat. The cars were all keen to show their curves and to glitter and shine in the evening sun. The guys didn’t really want to be involved, ‘oh no’ they said, ‘I don’t want to be in the photos’. They were just too shy I guess, apart from a couple of notable exceptions.

It was interesting to observe which cars attracted the hat photographers. A couple of Mercedes SL convertibles were first in line and the Morgan was a popular choice.

I’d just like to thank someone who was instrumental in organising the whole shebang meeting between the Hats and Cars. That’s Jane, my better half, who wears a hat rather well herself if I may say so, not that I’m biased or anything. And of course thanks to Karl and Judith Kinsky, the organisers of Palma Hat Week. And mucho thanks to all the milliners and models who came to mix with us petrolheads and our shiny cars.

Thanks to Adrian Gillet, Gaston Westphal/Carmen Romero and Karl Kinsky for the fabulous photos.

Robert Klevenhagen

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