The Last Straw Rally 26 November 2017

They say that every cloud has a silver lining. Not quite sure what that means, but last Sunday was probably a good example. The day started with a spell of pretty unpleasant wet weather over much of the island, not really the setting for a classic car rally.

Around 40 car nuts could have been observed early in the morning performing the ancient and not very well known ‘anti-rain dance’. I won’t bore you with the details, but I think spanners and oil are an integral part of it.

The dance didn’t stop the rain, but neither did it prevent 20 cars meeting in Llucmajor for the Classic Car Club’s Last Straw Rally, expertly organised by Ray & Sue Dodd. We’re a hardy lot and not easily put off by a few raindrops, although a handful of us lazy types chose to bring our modern cars. Mainly, I suspect, to avoid the inevitable classic car cleaning as the result of a day out on muddy country lanes.

The theme of the rally was, ironically, a water one: to collect different colour straws from 5 locations; all of them wells and water features. These, although marked on a map, proved to be a navigational challenge. The straws, once found, were of descending length so the first car to find any of the locations collected the longest straw, the next a bit shorter and so on. At the finish, the straws are laid end to end and the longest stretch is the winner.

Speed was not at all important, whereas the ability to choose the most efficient route, then find the right road and then the bag of straws was the key. As one can imagine, sometimes these events can put rather a strain on the driver and navigator’s relationship, especially if that relationship is matrimonial.

To spice things up a little more, the 6th location involved a visit to a vineyard for a blind tasting of four wines in order to guess their price range, from cheapest to most expensive. It proved a very informative exercise and a separate prize was awarded for the winners.

The finish line brought out the sun and illuminated our delicious lunch at Reco de Randa, surprisingly located in Randa.
Robert Klevenhagen

Winner in their classic car: Richard Nunn & Lisa Markert
Joint second but in modern cars: Pedro & Maria Moriyon / Jane & Robert Klevenhagen
Second place classic car: Nick Scantlebury & Jim Bell
Third place classic car: Jean Pierre Allemann

Wine Tasting Results:
Pedro Moryion
Nick Scantlebury
Gaston Westphal
Roger Horner

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