The Last Straw Rally 27 November 2016

Over 40 members took part in the Last Straw Rally organized by Sue and myself.

Weather wise, the sun shone and the rally got off to a great start where coffee and croissants were served in the large car park in Llucmajor.

The six locations, of where the straws could be found were indicated on a map as part of the road book issued to the entrants. Along with pictures giving further clues as to where the bags, had been placed, very discretely!

The locations were to the North & South of the starting point, and the members were allowed to plan their own route, recognizing the fact that the first ones to the locations will have the chance of obtaining the  longest straws!

Approximately 2 hours were allowed for the contest, although one location proved difficult to find and only 6 drivers found the “pink” straws! Naturally there were cries that sabotage had been deployed, but in view of the fact that drivers well down the starting list had found them, we can only blame the possible involvement of the “Pink Panther”.

With the sun shining the members enjoyed their pre-lunch drinks on the terrace at the Es Reco De Randa, where much banter and laughter could be heard.

A great three course lunch was served and enjoyed by all.

The winners, and who found all the straws were as follows:

1st. Paco Jimenez

2nd Pedro Alomar

3rd Eric Woolger

Prior to this result the ratings for the Driver’s Championship were extremely close, and the announcement will be made on Sunday 4th December at The Christmas Tapas Car Show!

Peo Stenberg the well known photographer came along to our event and if you click on his name you will see some great photos of the day’s events.

So our last competition of 2016 has been completed. It’s been a great year with some wonderful events and no doubt we can relive some of those great stories next weekend.

Thanks to all who took part.

Ray & Sue

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