The Numbers Challenge 24 November 2019

Numbers are everywhere, on houses, people’s birthdays, shoe sizes, calorie counting and on ubiquitous circular and triangular road signs dotted along almost every major and minor road. So, ‘numbers’ were the focus of November’s rally, focussing specifically on those different types of road signs spread along an interesting and challenging route.  More than 40 members attended the rally with a number coming in open top classic cars, despite the cold, blustery conditions; there was a threat of showers too but thankfully it stayed dry.

The rally was organised by Peter and Jackie Roach and required members to follow a route from Festival Park that took in Alaro, Orient, and Bunyola and finished at The Quay Restaurant (Lofthotel Canet), close to Esporles.  Along the detailed route, a series of 24 circular and triangular shaped road signs were highlighted on the directions, and members had to write down what numbers they saw on each sign, and then at the end, add them up to arrive at a grand total. However, it did not end there!  Members had to also count the number of 180-degree hairpins they encountered on an 18Km stretch of road from Orient to Bunyola and add this to their total.

The 45-kilometre rally ended with a delicious 3 course meal, with unlimited wine, at the Quay Restaurant, which was well received by all members.

At the conclusion of the meal, Peter announced the total numbers on all the signs, plus the hairpin bends, was 1502.5 and although nobody managed to get the exact figure, there were some who came close.  In third was Pedro and Ann Alomar (with 1509.5), in second place was Pierre and Nicole Bonjour (with 1508.5) and in first place was Paco and Manuel (with the remarkably close figure of 1503.5).  Congratulations to the winners.


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