Tulip and Trials Rally 27 September 2015

The start commenced at 11.15 am and the route utilized the small lanes associated with the area in and around Alaro. At the end of the “Tulip” run, Arthur with his band of helpers had setup a circuit which tested the drivers in many ways.

For the first section of the trial course, the driver was blindfolded and guided by his/her co pilot through a gate. The blindfold was then quickly disposed of for the next stage which was to drive-in and then reverse into garage areas set up with traffic cones. After this was completed, a slalom course had to be negotiated and the driver had to avoid knocking the oranges off of the top of the traffic cones. Finally an ingenious test was supplied by Arthur which was to catch a golf ball which was inserted into a long tube. The idea being that the driver had to be at the end of the tube before the ball! All this was timed, and penalties were added for any infringements!

Gordon Cox in his Lotus Elan was the overall winner with a with an amazing time of 37.44 seconds, Pam Gardner in her AC Cobra was 2nd with 45.81 seconds and 3rd was Richard Nunn in his E type with 48.97 seconds.

Teas/Coffees and croissants were supplied by Sue Dodd during the trials and a very enjoyable fun filled time was had by all.

After the trials event everyone then headed to the Es Reco De Randa restaurant for a great three course meal.

A special word of thanks to the 8 members of the German Triumph Club who joined us for lunch, who were here visiting the island.

Our thanks once again to Arthur and Dee for arranging a great day for all who attended.


To see a Youtube video of the day click here

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